Pilates Class Description

Pilates classes utilize apparatus equipment designed by Joseph Pilates to provide a unique workout that increases strength and flexibility levels, improves posture and balance, while providing support for proper body alignment.  A spring loaded cable and pulley system is used to determine the level of challenge (or assistance you may need) for each exercise.

The goal of each Pilates class is to target the deeper muscle groups without adding stress to your joints. Each class also focuses on lengthening your spine while strengthening the muscles around it, to help you support a more elongated frame made up of longer and leaner muscle.


Each piece of equipment has adjustable springs to regulate tension and provide resistance. The springs provide either more assistance or challenge  depending on what your body needs for each exercise. 

We pride ourselves on keeping our classes small to ensure our students succeed in obtaining their personal goals. Through individualized attention our highly trained and experienced instructors are able to challenge or modify each exercise for each student, depending on their specific needs.


The Benefits of Pilates

Longer Leaner Muscle

Build and strengthen muscle without adding bulk. Unlike weightlifting, Pilates works the muscle by moving through a full range of motion. Thus, creating long, lean, and stretched muscles.

Improved Posture

Accentuating the length of the spine and targeting the core muscles to help support the newly elongated frame causes many people to experience extra height (yes, people do “get taller”)now that their core is strong enough to support their full length of the spine.

Increased Flexibility

By working the Pilates Method with its system of pulleys and spring loaded resistance it creates a workout that forces you to use your full range of motion in order to complete the workout. This results in a lengthening of the muscles and a stretch throughout the entire body.

Increase in Strength

Resistance varies based on your fitness level and can be adjusted as you progress.The focus starts with strengthening the core. From there you move into the total body experience, targeting each muscle at its particular strength level to improve your overall strength.

Correct Imbalances

By working both sides of the body independently and simultaneously we can find the discrepancies or imbalances within the body. We then work to correct the imbalance and train the body to work correctly and evenly, leaving you equally strong throughout the entire body.

Improved Balance

We teach the body to rely on itself to keep you centered. By training the abdominals in a way to correctly engage and keep the body upright and lifted to help you stay centered. We also develop the strength and control in the legs, ankles, and feet to keep you stabilized.

Better Awareness

By training the body to use your breath to function, we bring awareness to how your breath is helping your posture, balance, and keeping your core engaged. We stimulate your kinesthetic awareness so that you are aware of your body in space. This will not only help with balance but also keep your body connected physically and mentally throughout your day.

Decrease or Eliminate Back Pain

By working to lengthen and properly align the spine we are able to decrease the pressure being compressed between the vertebrae. Combine that with core strength that will hold and support the full length between each vertebrae, keeping the pressure in the spine light and for most people non-existent. 


Who Can Take Pilates?


~Older Individuals trying to make everyday tasks (getting in the car, lifting a laundry basket, climbing the stairs, etc) easier. . .

~Never worked out before, but feel like it’s time to start taking care of yourself to live a longer, healthier life. . 

~Post baby and need to ease back into exercise and rebuild core muscles. . .

~Recuperating from an injury or surgery and have specific needs for recovery. . .

~Looking to change up your workout routine with something that will kick your butt and open a whole new world of challenge. . .


. . . Then Pilates is for YOU!