Fitness Class Descriptions



Slide Fit - This class utilizes a super slick surface board and lateral motion to help strengthen muscles that are hard to work in a traditional gym setting. Classes are dynamic, challenging and a fun way to strengthen your core, increase your balance, flexibility and improve your overall strength and fitness level.


Body Bar - This class creates a total body workout through an anchored resistance bar. The level of difficulty varies based on how close you are to the anchored end of the resistance cord. This class will target your core muscles in order to perform each exercise correctly, and will enhance your overall strength while focusing on balance and proper body alignment. This class is a great way to focus on your core muscles while still getting a fantastic total body workout!



Barre Fitness - This class is a fusion of basic ballet skills and low impact strength building exercises.  The Ballet barre is used to help lengthen and tone the entire body, while challenging your core muscles to keep you balanced. This class also incorporates a small mount of cardio to help elevate the heart rate and burn calories.

Barre photo #2.jpg

Pilates Mat - This low impact strength class focuses primarily on your core strength. This class will re-train your abdominals to contract properly, allowing you to support your spine for improved posture, flexibility and overall strength.