"Practice Turns Action Into Instinct"


At The Turning Pointe we work hard to provide outstanding service and education in both the dance and fitness fields. 

We teach and build proper technique, discipline, and skill that help our students advance quickly.

Our students learn that a strong foundation focused on posture, flexibility, alignment, and strength is the key to ongoing success. 




Classes for all ages, including Pre-K and ADULTS. All are welcome, no experience necessary! All classes work to build proper technique for each style of dance. Through individualized attention we ensure that each student will receive the proper instructions for their success. Each class is held in a fun and compassionate environment, so that everyone feels welcome, and eager to learn. In each class we strive to instill the respect and personal discipline that class requires, while enhancing each student's creativity, appreciation, and LOVE of dance!



Our fitness classes are a combination of strength and resistance training, and are uniquely designed to challenge your body without damaging or over loading it. We use highly advanced, state of the art equipment to add challenge to our workouts without adding undue stress to your body.  With our variety of classes, we have something for everyone, no matter what your current fitness level. We offer some of the most popular styles of fitness as well as some of the best kept secrets in town. Our small group classes ensure individualized attention to be sure you are performing each exercise correctly and effectively for the maximum benefit.

Fitness classes include: Slide Fit, Body Bar, Barre Fitness, and Yoga.



Our Pilates style is unique in that it combines strength training concepts with classical Pilates techniques. Our main focus is to ensure you are utilizing your body properly and effectively, not only to prevent injury, but to obtain long-lasting results fast!  Our staff holds some of the highest levels of certifications with years of experience to provide some of the best training in the greater Cleveland area.  By teaching you to utilize and engage your muscles properly, we set up the core foundation our students need for quick success with lasting benefits. All lessons provide a total body workout that will challenge muscles you didn't even know existed.